Sql server log settings

15.04.2019 Terrie
Microsoft SQL Server Transaction Log Settings. Share on Facebook Tweet Pinterest. When youre the DBA or the SQL Server pro whos fixing problems, you need all the information you can find. The following sections describe SQL Server Setup log files.

The SQL Server Log Shipping, requires a Primary Server, which will be used as the main Server with a database.

However, many other log files also help to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. Let's jump right in and walk through how to setup SQL Server Log Shipping monitoring. Setup SQL Server Table for Log Shipping Monitoring.
Error log information appears in the details pane. Where can i find the download for the google play apps store. Setup SQL Server Linked Servers for Log Shipping Monitoring. Create a Linked Server to each server which is setup for Log Shipping on your monitoring server and ensure you test each Linked Server.