Itunes crashes when loading itunes store

11.06.2018 Tien
It freezes again and I have to re-install it it freezes again when I restart, even when disconnected. If it doesn't or it's still crashing, continue on. This time, it should load just fine. I now have seven iTunes crash logs as well as one iTunesHelper crash log.
Itunes crashes when loading itunes store — photo 2
Learn how to speed up iPhone or make your Mac run faster. Launch the Music app on your iPhone or iPad that's having the problem. After the launcher loads I press Launch and then nothing happens. You should be re-routed to the iTunes Store app. Set Administrator Password is also grayed out.
Leisure Travel Executive Edge Travel. In the upper left hand corner, tap on Store. ITunes keeps the store pages you visit on your device. If this happens to you, you can refer to the following solutions for help. Everything seems to be working, except when i try to go to the store, iTunes crashes. Home Resources iOS and Computer iTunes crashes when sync to iPhone or iPad.