How do i delete other users on mac

15.06.2018 Opal
Were now going to look at each of the six types of Other files and show you how to clean up your Mac. To know more about the the steps to take to delete an account on your Mac, read on. How to Delete User Accounts from a Mac.
Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. How to Check the Other Storage on Mac. Moreover, you can save its home folder before deleting a standard user account on Mac.
How to delete Other Storage on Mac. Everything else that doesnt fit into the main macOS categories. Here's how to delete a user on a Mac. She says wanting it is what drives her clients to push their limits. When youre done, close and cover the sink drain with a small rag to catch any small parts you may drop as youre working. Any administrator of a computer can become a Root User, but you must set up the account first. Here's how to delete users on a Mac.