Why are diamagnetic materials repelled by permanent magnets

16.06.2018 Admin
Electrons that are alone in an orbital are called paramagnetic electrons. Is air present inside a magnetic field since air is a diamagnetic substance. The magnetic field created by paramagnetic materials is in the direction of the external magnetic field while. Diamagnetism is the residual magnetic behavior when materials are neither paramagnetic nor ferromagnetic and most materials are diamagnetic.

This can be caused by a poor quality USB cable, the USB socket on the controller itself is loose, why are diamagnetic materials repelled by permanent magnets, or any USB extension cable you may be using with the Xbox One controller is poor quality or too long.

Lastly, ferromagnetic materials are strongly attracted to permanent magnets. These properties are summarized in the table below.
Two of the strongest diamagnetic materials are graphite and bismuth. Paramagnetic materials are weakly attracted to permanent magnets. What I want is to introduce a multiplier to one of the equations, or both, and then observe if I arrive at some coefficients that only differ in signs. Note that the poles of the magnets are aligned vertically and alternate two with north facing up, and two with south facing up, diagonally. Shouldn't diamagnetic substances be completely unaffected in a magnetic field.