How to wear green and gold eyeshadow

17.06.2018 Admin
This is what it should look like. It you can wear it all around the year. This tutorial is designed to show you step-by-step how to create an easy gold and green shadow look. It is therefore good to ensure you correctly choose a shade that will work well with your skin tone and facial features.

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I must either use a video card with two outputs or use some other similar device. How To Blend Your Eyeshadow Like A PRO. Apply Ochre Style eyeshadow with your brush to the inner third of your eye lid. For even more drama, choose eyeshadows with a glitter or shimmer finish. The lighter shade can even be a lime green, and the dark and medium shades can be similar kelly greens.
How to wear green and gold eyeshadow
Make sure youre using highly pigmented eyeshadows for maximum color payoff. Women with dark skin can get away with wearing these brilliant colors over their eyelids. I call this shade kombu, because it's a dark seaweed green with a bit of blue, gold, and even silver to it. Im feeling very creative lately and Ive filmed a LOT of videos. Right now im running it through a Fender Blues Jr.