What is the five year plan soviet union

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The Soviet Union was founded around by a revolution led by the Bolshevik party, under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin. The Five Year Plans were started was because the Soviet Union was lagging behind. Union leaders were replaced by men whowould carry out Stalin's particular policies of increasedproduction. The main concerns of the First Five-Year Plan focused on making the nation militarily, industrially, and financially self-sufficient.

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If war were to break out between the Soviet Union and the West, the Soviets would be fighting against some of the most industrialized nations in the world. Portraitists, meet the High Dynamic Range Portrait. The central aspect of the first Soviet five-year plan was the rapid industrialization of the Soviet Union. Directives for the plan involved set high goals for industrial production, especially in vehicles and appliances. The initial five-year plans were created to serve in the rapid industrialization of the Soviet Union, and thus placed a major focus on heavy industry.
Trueman Stalin had several reasons for creating his first Five Year Plan. However cottage and textile industries declined during this period as the need for heavy industry grew.