Install php centos 5.8

07.06.2018 Reagan
Yum enablereporemi install mysql-server yum enablereporemi install httpd php php-common yum enablereporemi install php-pear php-pdo php-mysql php-gd php-mbstring php-mcrypt php-xml php-dom. However, realized I did all of this as root. It is old, unsupported, and has many exploits. But now I can not fet a working PHP MySQL connector for it.
Does anybody know where I can find one. For a brief overview on and how to configure Yum Priorities you can follow the instructions outlined in our Install YUM Priorities on CentOS tutorial. Install Mysql, Apache Server, PHP PhpMyAdmin On Ubuntu by Using Terminal.
This is how I installed Sphinx on a Virtual Machine with the same versions of PHP and MySQL as my production server. The scale that carries Beaufort's name had a long and complex evolution from the previous work of others including Daniel Defoe the century before to when Beaufort was. Approved rates for Gas Geyser installation. How to install the Configuration Manager.