What is a facebook timeline cover photo

26.06.2018 Kanisha
Among many interesting new features of Facebook, Cover Photo is one of the amazing features, that Facebook launched. It is really a simple to put the cover photo in your profile, but if you are still wondering how to do, follow the guide below. Facebook Cover Purpose and Size. The smaller profile picture appears beside your name in the newsfeeds of other users whenever you send a status update or take an action that triggers an update for your friends.
What is a facebook timeline cover photo — photo 2
The cover photo is the larger photo that serves as a background to your Timeline. Using photo brush tip shape will make it more realistic. For your cover photo you will crop nearly half of the vertical space out of the image. Youve probably noticed that striking visual piece in the Facebook Pages timeline layout a nearly-screen-width banner image, known as a Cover.
What is a facebook timeline cover photo
So how many people have actively switched and are on Facebook Timeline. A Facebook cover can be a photo or other graphical image. Freaking out about creating a good-looking cover photo for your Timeline. I need to change the Location of the linked table shown in the linked Manger table. The timeline format is here and with it comes a large, banner-sized photo sitting right at the top of the.